IIG Annual Shebeen Dinner at SCC

Date: November 2014
Client: Insurance Institute of Gauteng
Number of people: 1700 pax
Venue: Sandton Convention Centre

The Brief:
An insurance industry event and annual dinner which needs to be fun, different and showcase a large number of sponsors with the theme of celebrating 20 years of democracy.

The Challenge:
To transform a dark, large, cavernous hall with strict safety regulations into a vibrant township setting for 1700 people.

The Result:
Wow! An unforgettable shebeen party with a real-life 3D set of shacks, shebeens and spaza shops tailor-made for each of the sponsors, colourful backdrops and props and unique township made table decor to continue the theme. Plus vibrant entertainment with gumboot dancers, pantsula dancers and saxophone players adding to the party mood .