Team Building & Interactive Experiences


Want to get your staff talking?

African Frenzy will tailor make an African interactive experience for your team using vibrant local destinations, authentic transport options, unusual activities and the pulsating rhythm and beat of Africa to get your staff moving, talking and communicating. A never to be forgotten experience!

Jozi to Soweto Amazing RaceInteractive Dancing & Drumming
A day of fun, exciting activities, new experiences and interesting places to get your staff working together, laughing together and communicating as they share in a never to be forgotten experience.

Contestants are divided into teams with a local guide and using authentic local taxis as transportation, teams must then follow clues to find unusual destinations in Jozi town and Soweto … from the tallest building in Jozi … to buying traditional muthi from a market in town … to riding a scary roller-coaster to get the adrenalin pumping!  They must buy “amashwamshwam” from Zwane’s Spaza shop and find a specific crèche to make a donation and learn an African song with the children.

The race continues to find the end destination for their grand prize and a delicious traditional lunch in a vibrant shebeen or local watering hole.

Need a break in between serious conference sessions?  Want to create a sense of team spirit and get staff to relax, laugh in a fun shared experience?  African Frenzy will use the rhythm and beat of Africa to get your staff up and moving.

The stirring beat of African drums is heard, as each participant is taken on a journey of rhythm and sound from simple beats to a tapestry of rhythms.  Participants will be amazed at the music they can create together as the facilitator brings each person into the group in a series of learnt drum patterns, ending the session on a high note with the participants playing faster and faster to create a crescendo of African beat.  Each person is given a jembe drum to use for the session and two African Frenzy facilitators will lead, teach and grow the guests into the confidence and ability to play as a group and create an African musical masterpiece.  Loads of fun!

The same type of interactive experience can be created with gumboot dancing or pantsula style dancing, as staff learn a few choreographed steps and have fun competing against each other.