Theme Evenings


Tired of the same old boring Gala dinner?

African Frenzy will create a vibrant fun-filled theme evening that your guests will never forget!  From a colourful shebeen theme party, African entertainment, unique concepts, to authentic details and fresh ideas to surprise your guests and give them a truly memorable experience.

Sophia Town Shebeen ThemeArabian Nights/Cape to Cairo Theme
A unique experience awaits you with African Frenzy’s colourful and vibrant shebeen evenings.

Surrounded by a living set of shacks, shebeens and spaza shops all your senses will be tantalized in a mind-blowing event. From Sdumo’s spaza shop selling everything from Omo to snuff to Queenie’s Hair Salon specialising in ‘Cheeskops’ and “Bebop’ haircuts to Siyephi’s shebeen where you will be welcomed with “shake-shake” carton beer or  an ice cold Zamalek Quartz beer, your eyes will be met with an authentic township scene.

The jazzy sounds of saxophone fill the air as Bambalela Jazz band entertain you with township jazz.  The lively sounds of the pennywhistle take you back to the streets of Sophia Town where the toe-tapping rhythms will captivate and entrance you … and your host will teach you the essentials of tsotsi taal and when to use … eish!

The fast paced pumping rhythms of township jive and kwaito music will make you want to dance as a group of colourful township dancers perform their Sophia Town jive and vibrant mapantsula dancing.

A fun evening like no other, guests can sit back and relax, have fun and soak up the atmosphere ……

Let African Frenzy take you on a journey From Cape To Cairo!
Experiencing rich and vibrant cultures on your way, into the deserts and exotic spice markets of North Africa and Morocco, where cultures merge and the rhythms of Africa become one …

The venue is dressed in rich, exotic colours – burnt oranges and ochres, cobalt blues and bright fuschia pinks reminiscent of Northern Africa. The low tables with brightly coloured cushions are lit by mosaic candles and decorated with brass ornaments, with shisha pipes and Moroccan lanterns and patterned carpets to add atmosphere with rich African textures and patterns.

A group of belly dancers dressed in vibrant costumes and heavy jewellery enter the stage and sway slowly and rhythmically, picking up on the beat of the hypnotic dance style. Dancing in and amongst the tables they encourage guests to join them and to try their hand at the hip swaying moves.